Learning Without Limits

Online TeachingHow online instruction is transforming education

Online learning is no longer regarded with the skepticism it was a decade ago—and now thousands of K-12 schools nationwide are turning to online-learning providers for help with credit recovery, enrichment opportunities for gifted students, and even for providing core curriculum classes in areas where there isn’t enough demand to justify keeping a teacher on staff.

Online learning is also meeting a need for students who have trouble learning in a traditional school environment, which is key in this era of heightened accountability—along with a growing awareness that not all students learn the same way or have the same educational needs. What’s more, it’s a cost-effective way for schools to address all of these areas, which is an important consideration in the current economic climate.

That said, there are significant challenges to online learning that states and local school systems are still grappling with, such as outdated “seat-time” requirements, funding disputes, accountability concerns, and state teaching certification questions.

With the generous support of K12 Inc., we’ve assembled this collection of stories from our archives to help school leaders better understand the online-learning landscape—and how it’s transforming education as we know it.

–The Editors