Building a Cost-Effective Digital Classroom

Students Watching VideoIf today’s students are to compete in an increasingly global economy, schools will need much more than textbooks and traditional pencil-and-paper approaches to succeed. Students need the benefit of technology-rich classrooms to give them marketable skills that they will use throughout their professional lives.

But often, technology has a hefty price tag, and many educators, administrators, and superintendents find it hard to stretch already-strained school budgets.

The stimulus package that Congress passed in February 2009 provides $106 billion for education–but that money must be spent wisely, in ways that will last and be most beneficial to each school.

With the generous support of NEC Display Solutions, we’ve put together stories from our archives that will help school leaders manage limited budgets while trying to create digital classrooms that will shape students for life in the 21st century.

–The Editors