Report: Hate goes viral on social networking sites

A report by the Simon Wiesenthal Center says militants and hate groups increasingly use social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube as propaganda tools to recruit new members, Reuters reports. The group’s report, released May 13, noted a 25 percent rise in the past year in the number of "problematic" social networking groups on the internet. "Every aspect of the internet is being used by extremists of every ilk to repackage old hatred, demean the ‘Enemy,’ to raise funds, and since 9/11, recruit and train Jihadist terrorists," the center said in a statement. Examples of what the report calls "digital terrorism and hate" range from a Facebook group named "Death to gays" to a YouTube video of a Koran being burned. Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the center, said Facebook recently removed several Holocaust denial sites, including one that featured a cartoon of Adolf Hitler in bed with Anne Frank, whose diary written in hiding from the Nazis in Amsterdam is among the best known stories of the Holocaust. "The main social networkers understand they have a problem," Cooper told Reuters. "The company that’s tried to do its best so far has been Facebook, yet we’ve seen that sometimes your best isn’t enough to eliminate a problem."

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