It might be the next school movement to sweep the country, reports U.S. News: Emboldened by charter school operators, parents of children attending failing schools in Los Angeles are signing petitions that could force the nation’s second-largest school system to shut down those schools and reopen them as charters. Steve Barr, the founder of Green Dot Public Schools, a charter school operator, is one of the forces behind the grass-roots campaign, which is being called the "Parent Revolution." Barr’s organization operates 10 charter schools, including Animo Leadership Charter High School in Inglewood, Calif., which U.S. News ranks among the 100 Best High Schools in the nation. Barr’s effort envisions at least 51 percent of parents signing a petition at every failing school. These petitions would give the organizers of a parent organization known as the Parent Union leverage to convert those schools into charter schools. If the district ignores these petitions, Barr’s organization or another charter school operator could threaten to open charter schools in the neighborhood where a bad school exists. These charter schools could then drive students away from the failing neighborhood school, depriving the district of state funding that follows students…

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