eBook reader technology is making it easier to obtain and distribute copyrighted material on the web for free, reports the New York Times. That sounds familiar to filmmakers and musicians who’ve fought a similar battle, with varying degrees of success, over the last decade. But to authors and their publishers in the age of Kindle, it’s new and frightening territory. Some publishers say the problem has ballooned in recent months as an expanding appetite for eBooks has spawned a bumper crop of pirated editions on web sites like Scribd and Wattpad, and on file-sharing services like RapidShare and MediaFire. John Wiley & Sons, a textbook publisher that also issues the "Dummies" series, employs three full-time staff members to trawl for unauthorized copies. Gary M. Rinck, general counsel, said that in the last month, the company had sent notices on more than 5,000 titles–five times more than a year ago–asking various sites to take down digital versions of Wiley’s books…

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