Successful Video Production

VideoCameraNow more than ever, technology plays a crucial role in the way that students learn and prepare for careers in a global economy.  Armed with tech know-how and 21st-century skills, U.S. students will be able to successfully compete with students from other globally-aware countries.

Communication has changed, and students are increasingly using video technologies in all aspects of education.  Knowing how to produce, edit, and distribute video gives high school and college graduates a valuable and much-in-demand skill.

Educators also can turn to eSN.TV, the eSN Video Viewer’s Guide, and School Video News for more resources.

To help your teachers and students develop important video production skills, eSchool News has put together this collection of stories from School Video News, as well as stories, videos, and other resources from the eSN archives.  We hope these resources help prepare your students for life in a technology-rich world.

–The Editors