Amazon will have to do much more than enlarge its Kindle to increase the eBook reader’s appeal to college students, Wired reports: Many students polled on Twitter listed various reasons the DX would fail to replace their mountains of textbooks. Their complaints ranged from the reader’s $500 price tag to the DX being inconvenient for study habits. "I’d need five Kindles just to hold a single thought while writing essays," said Marius Johannessen, who is studying for his master’s in information systems at University of Agder. "Books work just fine." With the DX, Amazon is aiming to expand its eBook presence by targeting two major print industries–newspapers and textbooks. The textbook industry, worth $9.8 billion, is going to be tough to crack, because there are so many ways thrifty students can obtain their books: University stores often offer used books, book-trading programs, and sometimes even textbook rentals. Other than specification details and the product’s price, Amazon did not disclose sales strategies for e-textbooks…

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