The University of Missouri School of Journalism is requiring that all incoming freshmen have iPhones or iPod Touch devices, reports the Columbia Tribune. "It’s a great way to deliver coursework in the space students already live," said Associate Dean Brian Brooks. "Creative educators are finding ways to engage students where they want to live and learn." But in a mass eMail exchange between students and alumni of the journalism school, some have questioned why the university is requiring the devices when family budgets already are strained. The latest version of the iPhone starts at $199, which doesn’t include the monthly phone bills, and the iPod Touch, a music player and recording device that resembles the phone, starts at $299. By making it a requirement, Brooks said, students could count it as part of their financial aid plans. Brooks also said the iPhone and iPod Touch already are popular with students. But, he said, students who show up with other devices won’t be reprimanded…

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