In the wake of news reports that classified and confidential information is popping up on file-sharing networks worldwide, Congress on May 5 tackled two bills intended to protect users from unlawful use of their information via data breaches or P2P networks, PC Magazine reports. "Too often, when consumers download [P2P] programs onto their computers with the intent of sharing and downloading certain files on the network, they are unaware that they are also sharing other files they otherwise want to keep private," said Rep. Bobby Rush, chairman of the Energy and Commerce subcommittee on commerce, trade, and consumer protection. The subcommittee is currently considering two bills looking to prevent such activity. The Data Accountability and Trust Act would require companies that work with electronic data to ensure that that information is secure, and to inform customers immediately if their data are compromised. The Informed P2P User Act, meanwhile, would require makers of P2P programs to be more transparent about how their software works on computers, and require an opt-in function for the sharing of files…

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