While Mari Anne Fell, an elementary education senior at Southern Miss, is practicing her teaching skills at Jackson Elementary School in Pascagoula, miles away, her professors are watching her every move at their office at the University of Southern Mississippi Teaching Site in Gautier, reports WLOX. Using a web camera connected to a laptop computer, and a Skype video conferencing account, the assistant professors can observe and evaluate Fell and 17 other online elementary education students who are working in the field. "We started the program because we saw a need," said Assistant Professor Kelley Samblis. "There were a lot of teacher’s assistants [who] were not able to come to school, come to face-to-face classes. So we thought, let’s offer an online venue for them." The assistant professors can communicate with their students through a Bluetooth earpiece and give them instant feedback. "If there’s a problem, we can just whisper in their ear with the headpiece when we’re talking on the microphone," said Assistant Professor Holly Hardin Hulbert. "But if not, we just let it alone and we talk to them as soon as it’s over." The USM professors are working with a leading educational technology vendor to improve the online program and expand it nationwide…

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