Stanford student Luke Ekkizogloy is writing an iPhone app that controls the lights in his house, but he has bigger dreams. "I have what everyone has in mind, and that’s to make money," Ekkizogloy told Ekkizogloy, like many other students enrolled in Stanford’s iPhone programming class, is aiming to strike it rich by selling software through Apple’s prolific iPhone App Store, which surpassed one billion downloads last week. Stanford is so serious about training the next army of iPhone developers that the tech-savvy university hired Evan Doll, a senior iPhone engineer for Apple, to teach CS193P–a computer science course titled "iPhone Application Programming." Doll taught Stanford’s first iPhone class in fall 2008, and the current quarter is now running in its fifth week. In the class, students are building programs using the iPhone software development kit, which requires learning Objective-C–the iPhone’s programming language. They’re also learning the basic fundamentals and principles of coding for the iPhone, such as memory management, interface construction, and animation design…

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