The Tampa, Fla., school board is wrestling with how to set rules for employees’ personal use of eMail — a problem with no easy answers, reports the Tampa Tribune. School employees don’t know it, but their bosses say they’re responsible for the overwhelming majority of the eMail problems and slowdowns the district experiences with the outside world. When the school board on April 28 considered new policies that govern technology use at the district’s schools and offices, a few technology managers said it might be time to be explicit. District computers should be for district use, at least one manager said–no exceptions. About 80 percent of the district’s eMail problems happen when a school employee uses a school computer to send an eMail loaded with photos or videos to someone outside the district, said Cliff Granger, a district resource teacher. When contacted, however, workers usually don’t know they did anything wrong. With that, some asked, where do you draw the line? Can you eMail your spouse to say you’ll be late at work? Can a teacher not invite a colleague to dinner? The board adjourned without resolving those questions, leaving it to administrators to come up with answers. "It’s not quite as simple as we thought it’d be," board member Candy Olson said…

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