eSchool News April 2009

april09Don’t miss these highlights in your April issue

Product Face-off: We compare the leading interactive whiteboard solutions.

— Meris Stansbury

eSN Special Report: Learning without limits: How the rise of online instruction is changing the nature of schooling.
— Christine Van Dusen

Best Practices Supplement: K-20 Success Stories and Case Studies

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What’s News

  • Stimulus funds coming this month (pg 1)
  • Online learning set to soar (pg 1)
  • Analysis: Obama takes on powerful ed interests (pg 1)
  • Obama nominates tech-savvy FCC chief (pg 4)
  • Educators wary in wake of Nortel bankruptcy (pg 6)
  • Conference explores benefits of mobile learning (pg 9)
  • Forum calls for better use of data in education (pg 14)
  • Lawsuit tackles rights to school sports webcasts (pg 16)
  • Tech-savvy supes honored at AASA conference (pg 18)
  • Podcast trumps lecture in one college study (pg 20)
  • Officials ponder digital music’s future on campus (pg 29)
  • NCTE: Revise writing curriculum for 21st century (pg 30)
  • Report urges look abroad for ed lessons (pg 32)
  • Sidekicks might top a dubious category: theft (pg 33)
  • Saving school budgets during a recession (pg 34)
  • Big district dumps grade levels—for starters (pg 37)
  • Microsoft offers training to fill 21st-century jobs (pg 37)
  • TCEA conference aims to accelerate change (pg 38)


  • Default Lines (pg 4)
    Driving ambition.
    Gregg W. Downey
  • eSN Online Update (pg 6)
    Check out our video coverage of recent ed-tech conferences.
    Nancy David
  • Security Checkpoint (pg 35)
    How to get the most out of emergency-alert systems.
  • Grants & Funding (pg 40)
    Six ways to ensure successful collaboration on grant projects. Plus,new grant deadlines.
    Deborah Ward
  • Stakeholder & Community Relations (pg 41)
    Ten years later, Columbine’s lessons are still sharp.
    Nora Carr
  • Netwatch (pg 42)
    This month’s best web sites for teaching and leading.
  • Prime-Time Product Preview (pg 44)
    New product information from eSN advertisers.
  • eSchool Partners (pg 45)
    Key organizations that support the eSchool movement
  • Tech Buyer’s Marketplace (pg 46)
    Buying wisdom from our K-20 Tech Solutions Center.

Best Practices Supplement

Best Practice Spring '09 CoverA supplement from the publishers of eSchool News included with your April issue

  • Century Consultants Offers Convenience And Savings For School Districts While Reducing Its Carbon Footprint (pg 3)
  • ELMO USA: Document Camera Application Highlight (pg 38)
  • Chicago Public Schools Used SAFARI Montage System to Deliver Live Presidential Inauguration (pg 4)
  • For multi-media presentations, it helps to have an onboard processor and built-in Windows CE to provide you with the ultimate presentation station. (pg 6)
  • Connecting Parents and Education (pg 8)
  • Success on Saywire Tells How Social Learning Works in Schools (pg 9)
  • Whiteboard 3.0: Transforming Teaching and Learning (pg 10)
  • Making the Grade with mimio (pg 12)
  • How does the reading performance of Pearson’s My Sidewalks treatment students compare to control students? (pg 13)
  • EduPlatform: A Tool for the Job of Teaching (pg 14)
  • Virtual office hours boost student, faculty interaction (pg 14)

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Download eSchool News April 2009 Issue in Adobe (PDF) format.