Boom times ahead for mobile web access

The Associated French Press reports that after a slow start, mobile Web access has finally taken off, thanks in large part to better technology, and it will drive growth in internet use in the future, industry leaders say.
"More people in the world will have their first interaction with the Internet with mobile than with laptop," said Internet co-founder Vinton Cerf at a five-day Web conference which wrapped up Friday in Madrid. There are about three and a half billion mobile telephones in the world, and a growing proportion of them are equipped to access the Internet, he added. Cerf is the vice president and "chief Internet evangelist" of online search engine Google, which has ramped up its mobile applications since it launched its own mobile operating system called Android two years ago.
The explosion in the number of mobile phones with the capacity to access the Internet will enable millions of people in developing nations who cannot afford computers to go online for the first time, said one of the inventors of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee…

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