Laptops bring youth off the streets

Laptops can easily be taken for granted by those who have access to them, but the devices are a salvation for some at-risk teenagers and young adults caught up in gang and drug-related activity — and now a laptop donation program in San Francisco aims to help the teens build a promising future by providing these technology resources, PC World reports. The nonprofit group City Youth Now (CYN) donates refurbished laptops for at-risk teenagers to use. Laptops are a key element in helping the teens succeed as they prepare to graduate high school and go to college, said Brittany Heinrich, executive director of CYN. "In today’s age, a computer is kind of like a pencil if you’re going to college. You have to register online and submit essays online. Everything’s about the computer," Heinrich said.
Laptops are handed out to foster-care residents between the ages of 17 and 22 and to juveniles between 16 and 19 who are on probation for committing crimes. The nonprofit has given out 72 computers since 2008 and plans to give 60 more starting in July. A beneficiary is chosen based on high-school grades and recommendation letters…

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