New iPhone app helps students log on to SJSU network

Two San Jose State University computer engineering students have created a software company to sell iPhone applications, reports the school’s newspaper, the Spartan Daily — and one of their first applications, called "SJSU Wireless Login," is designed to help iPhone users log into the university’s wireless network quickly. Arash Shokouh and Raja Kantamaneni said they made the application to get exposure and help students. "It’s always … a pain to log in," Kantamaneni said. "Sometimes it does not work, so we just decided we can make this really quick app and it will save the user name and password so it only takes one or two thumb clicks to log in really fast." Hikaru McGowan, an industrial organizational psychology graduate student, said he disliked using the iPhone’s web browser to log into the school’s wireless network. "The internet log in at school is a hassle, especially for iPhone users, since we have to type on a phone keypad," McGowan said. When told about the SJSU Wireless Login application, he said it "will definitely make it easier."

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