The Channel 4 Newsbreak was meant to shock: "High school assistant principal in Loudoun County arrested for child pornography," announced the anchor. "Details following the Olympics." "That was last Aug. 20," writes Washington Post op-ed contributor Ting-Yi Oei. "The assistant principal was me. And the story on the late evening news that night was how many people who knew me — and countless others in the Washington area who didn’t — learned that I was the subject of a prosecution that over the past year has turned my life upside down and ruined my reputation and my career." Oei contnues: "Although all the charges against me were recently thrown out of court, my experience is a warning for all educators who find themselves trying to negotiate the slippery terrain where rapidly advancing technology intersects with risky adolescent behavior." In looking into the growing phenomenon of "sexting," Oei asked a student to transfer a racy cell-phone photo to her computer through her school eMail account – a seemingly innocuous act that later led to his arrest…

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