For the social networking site Twitter, it was a headache and potential threat. But for the young man behind the computer worm that attacked the micro-blogging site last week, it was a fast track to a job, reports Called both "Mikeyy" and "StalkDaily," the pesky computer program crashed Twitter and left thousands of unwanted messages in its wake. Infected accounts not only displayed posts left by Twitter users and their followers, but messages directing users to and saying things such as "Mikeyy I am done…," "Twitter please fix this," and "Twitter hire Mikeyy." Well, Twitter did not hire "Mikeyy." But, it looks like someone else will hire 17-year-old Michael "Mikeyy" Mooney. The teenage programmer told that after he claimed responsibility for the attacks, two companies contacted him with job offers. And though leading computer security experts do not endorse hacking as way to gain the attention of potential employers, Mooney is hardly the only young programmer to score a job after making headlines for a hack…

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