Normally, rampant texting in a movie theater is grounds for ejection. But in St. Charles, Ill., it’s encouraged, reports the Chicago Tribune — thanks to a new development that could make its way soon to college campuses. During a screening of "Zoolander," audience members could heckle the movie via text, then watch as their comments appeared onscreen with the film: "I want a comb-over like Trump" and "Breakdance fighting is becoming more popular in UFC." "I’ve described it as a mash-up of ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ and Twitter," said Rien Heald, the Naperville inventor of MuVChat. Heald said the MuVChat concept popped into his head while he was riding the train one day. He’s now developing MuVChat full time. Its allure tends to be generational, he said, adding that it’s a community-building event that makes movie watching more interactive. "Anybody who is in the Millennial to Gen Y demographic thinks it’s a very good idea. Texting is a big part of their lives," said Heald, 46. The system works this way: Audience members text to a central number, which runs their comments through software. The MuVChat software then displays the texts in a three-line configuration at the bottom of the screen, like a vertical ticker, as the movie plays. Sitting in the projector booth with a standard computer, Heald uses a profanity-screening program and can, on the fly, filter comments and ban abusive users…

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