The microblogging format of Twitter, which has become increasingly popular on campus, might bring administrators and faculty members closer to students as they divulge personal details of their lives in an informal setting, FOX News reports. With an estimated 5 million users, Twitter is the third largest online social network, after and On the web site, founded in 2006, users can post messages of up to 140 characters that are listed on the site’s public timeline. Users can also choose to "follow" the posts, or "tweets," of other Twitterers. Last month, the Office of Communications took over the Princeton University Twitter account. It has acquired 191 followers, paling in comparison so far to the accounts run by Stanford, Cornell, Harvard, and other elite universities, which boast up to two or three times that number of followers. Communications director Lauren Robinson-Brown said Twitter posts from the communications office are less formal than updates on the university home page, adding that the university only "follows" other university offices and departments. Guidelines for individual department Twitter accounts are currently being developed by the university, Robinson-Brown said, noting that Princeton does not monitor employee Twitter accounts…

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