The Federal Communications Commission begins work today on a national broadband plan, with the goal of ensuring that all consumers have access to services that are fast and affordable, reports USA Today. The public will be able to submit comments to the FCC for 60 days, with another 30 days for reply comments. The agency will take them into consideration as it crafts the nation’s first national broadband plan. The plan, due to Congress by Feb. 17, 2010, could have a profound impact, says Ben Scott, public policy director of Free Press, a media advocacy group. "It could be a very important document that guides the future of telecommunications regulation and … the internet," he says. "Or it could be a glorified study." The FCC often gets knocked for issuing reports that have little impact, but Scott doesn’t think that will happen this time. The reason: President Obama considers broadband to be basic infrastructure, like electricity and water, and wants the FCC to do what it can to help drive adoption rates across the country…

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