After investing more than $10 million in an online program that has attracted only a few hundred students, University of Illinois trustees are considering whether to shut down the university’s 2-year-old online campus, reports the Chicago Tribune. Global Campus started with high hopes: University leaders predicted it would attract 9,000 students within five years, most of them adult learners who could get low-cost degrees without leaving their homes. The goal was to become one of the largest public online universities in the country, offering a broader alternative to the online classes created by the university’s three traditional campuses. Instead, Global Campus has only 360 students, about a third of them in non-degree classes. Programs have been slow to develop, and there are just five degree options. Global Campus was designed to be more flexible, adding classes quickly to meet demand. But every online program created by Global Campus has had to work with an existing academic department, and university faculty and Global Campus officials have clashed over everything from course lengths to who would own the teaching materials. As a result, few courses have been developed…

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