Every student at the University of Toledo (UT) will have the opportunity to have a personal laptop if the school goes through with a laptop lease program, reports the Independent Collegian. UT is considering implementing a program allowing students who do not own a laptop or desktop computer to lease one from the university for about $300 to $500 per semester. "This program will give, hopefully, an inexpensive way for students who don’t own one to have a laptop of their own," said David Wahr, interim director of auxiliary services at UT. In addition to making laptops more accessible to students, UT also is launching a new "computer lab virtualization project" that will make access to specific computer programs and applications easier for students. Though Wahr is enthusiastic about the new laptop program, some students do not support it because they think it is too costly. "I think this is just UT trying to get more money from students. You can already borrow a computer from several buildings on this campus for free," said Crystal Esquilin, a sophomore majoring in education. Other students have complained that it would be cheaper to buy their own laptop and have a one-time fee. Though leasing a laptop through UT would be costly for students, Wahr assured that students would be paying for quality. "This isn’t a computer that you can just pick up at Best Buy. This is a business-class machine," he said…

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