MyWorkster turns school ties into job opportunities

In a job market that is contracting by the month, professional connections can be the difference between landing an interview or continuing an arduous job search. MyWorkster is a professional networking site that connects students with alumni who can give them an advantage over the competition. Co-creators Jeff Saliture and Doug Baruchin of Long Island have redesigned MyWorkster, which first launched in 2006—making it easier for recent college graduates to find alumni who might offer a tip, give a phone number, or arrange an interview. Saliture and Baruchin compare MyWorkster to social-networking giant Facebook, but instead of sharing photos from last weekend’s cookout, MyWorkster users strive to make a connection that could lead to a steady paycheck. So far, some 30 colleges and universities have created official MyWorkster pages. Using a Facebook-like interface, MyWorkster members can search by industry, school, profession, or zip code, among other categories. Members also can narrow down searches by graduation year, perhaps helping students connect with someone they went to college with instead of an alumnus who graduated 20 years earlier. “We’re trying to make an addictive portal for the Millennial Generation,” said Saliture, a 2008 graduate of Hofstra University.