Teens rake in income from YouTube ads

Long Island teens Eric Striffler, 18, and Mac Guttenberg, 14, are among a select group of YouTube posters that are earning substantial incomes from the advertising revenue their videos generate on the site, Newsday reports. Striffler and Guttenberg have been posting YouTube videos that have drawn such large and devoted followings that YouTube has included both filmmakers in its user-partner program, in which YouTube shares with them ad revenue–more than 50 percent–from display and overlay ads on or near their videos. That places both teens among the program’s top earners, which include hundreds of partners who are raking in thousands of dollars a month, says YouTube spokesman Aaron Zamost. Striffler said he’s delighted to be bringing in as much as $2,000 a month, but that if the program were to stop, "I would not stop making videos. … I don’t do it for the money."

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