Developed by former North Carolina Gov. Mike Easley in 2007 and funded by the General Assembly, a program called Learn and Earn Online enables high school students across the state to register for online college courses free of charge through the University of North Carolina and the North Carolina Community College System, reports the Salisbury Post. More than 300 courses in language, music, politics, sociology, and other subjects are available. In most cases, students earn high school and free college credit by taking one online course. Classes are offered during school and after-school hours, and students do not need a home computer to enroll in a course. Dustin Johnson, a senior, is enrolled in a "Masterpieces of Cinema" course. "I took the online course to get out of a regular classroom setting," Dustin said, "but because we do not have that much time to complete each assignment, I have developed time management skills, study skills, and self-discipline that will help me in college." Parents and educators see value in Learn and Earn Online program as well. Bill Harrison, State Board of Education chairman, wants more people to take advantage of the opportunity. "These courses save families money and help students jump-start their college education and future careers," he said…

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