A group of web services providers, reportedly including IBM, is set to unveil a "manifesto" next week that lays out a number of principles for open cloud computing. Two of the biggest names in the field, though, say they aren’t signing on, CNET reports. Microsoft posted a blog message to that effect on March 25, while Amazon.com on March 27 said it, too, is not among the companies signing the document. "Like other ideas on standards and practices, we’ll review this one," Amazon said in a statement. "… But what we’ve heard from customers thus far … is that the best way to illustrate openness and customer flexibility is by what you actually provide and deliver for them." Amazon noted that over the past three years, it has made its web services available on different operating systems and programming languages. Microsoft, for its part, said there were some things it agreed with in the manifesto, but others that were either too vague or did not reflect its interests. The company also objected to the fact that it was shown the document just last weekend, not allowed to make changes, and given just 48 hours to decide whether to sign. "We were admittedly disappointed by the lack of openness in the development of the (Open) Cloud Manifesto," Microsoft’s Steven Martin wrote in the blog post…

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