Facebook group helps multicultural students

A newly-created Facebook.com group, "How are you surviving college?", helps K-State multicultural students adjust to a university environment and promotes cross-cultural communication, reports the K-State Collegian. The idea for the group originated when Wen-chi Chen, the group’s coordinator and graduate assistant with the academic transition program, and Jonathan Berhow, academic councelor and PILOTS adviser, discussed the need for a new resource available to K-State multicultural students. They dreamed of a network where multicultural students could openly share their experiences about getting through college with one another.
For many multicultural students, Berhow said their first arrival at K-State can be a bit of a culture shock. They might feel isolated not seeing as many students of similar backgrounds as they did growing up and not sharing multicultural-college experiences can escalate this isolation, he said. To create such sense of community, Judy Lynch, director of the academic assistance center, Kay Ann Taylor, assistant professor of secondary education, and Berhow wrote a grant proposal for Tilford Incentive Grants to secure resources needed to produce initial content for the Facebook group…

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