In Obama’s election, a textbook case of history in the making

Textbook publishers said they went to extra lengths to capture the 2008 election by delaying publication of their 2009 editions and also using the internet, reports the New York Times. In some ways, the election has provided a window into the evolution of how textbooks cover history. With news available instantly on the internet, textbooks must keep up with the times. The day after the inauguration, McGraw-Hill put up a web site about the Obama administration and the issues it faces. The site, updated regularly, is written like a textbook and includes questions and exercises. For its history textbooks for kindergarten through fifth grade, McGraw-Hill did not print a new edition but supplemented the books with a web site. "This is how students learn," said Steve Waldron, vice president and group editorial director for McGraw-Hill. "I think the major issue is we want the books to be as up to date and as relevant to students as possible."

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