New e-Rate blog helps applicants understand the program

The filing window for the 2009-10 e-Rate season might have closed in February, but that doesn’t mean applicants’ work is done. There are still plenty of follow-up forms to file, program deadlines to track, and potential audits to prepare for. To help school leaders make sense of the complex e-Rate application process, e-Rate consulting firm Funds for Learning (FFL) recently launched an e-Rate Blog. A new feature of the company’s redesigned web site, the blog offers information, tips, and commentary from FFL’s compliance experts on the e-Rate, the $2.25 billion-a-year program that provides telecommunications discounts to eligible schools and libraries. “From policy analysis to advice on how to complete an e-Rate form successfully, the e-Rate Blog offers applicants a fresh take on the latest news related to the e-Rate program,” said Scott Weston, the company’s executive director of communications.