Cisco Systems wants a bigger chunk of the enterprise computing market, and in a March 16 video conference the company discussed its plans to start selling servers in competition with old partners like HP and IBM, reports the Associated Press. The servers are part of a package put together by Cisco and partners like VMware Inc. to harness the power of a recent technology called "virtualization," which lets one computer act like several. San Jose, Calif.-based Cisco is the world’s largest maker of computer networking gear, but its March 16 announcement greatly expands its ambitions: It’s moving from selling the switches that allow the computers to talk to each other to selling entire data centers. Cisco Chief Executive John Chambers called the company’s new "Unified Computing System" the biggest step for Cisco since it added switches to its original router products in 1993. Though widely expected, the announcement was light on specifics, and Cisco didn’t say when the new system would be available. The new servers will be "blades"–thin devices that will be powered by Intel Corp.’s latest chips. HP, which dominates that market now, said it’s already providing its own equivalent of unified computing, which it calls Adaptive Infrastructure. "The vision they paint for tomorrow is one we’re already delivering for today," said an HP executive…

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