Anticipating a flood of requests for stimulus funds, the director of the Office of Management and Budget told federal agency heads to plan for a possible meltdown of the government’s grant-making web portal,, reports the Washington Post. A review of the web site’s capacity revealed a "significant risk of failure," OMB director Peter Orzag warned. A memo sent to agencies said that, where schools, nonprofits, and local governments can search federal programs and apply for more than 1,000 competitive grants from 22 agencies, is already straining under the weight of recent growth. With an expected 60-percent increase in volume because of last month’s $787 billion stimulus bill, the system could break, Orszag said. The risk was identified as part of OMB’s review of major systems needed to get the stimulus money out quickly. In preparation for the surge, the Department of Health and Human Services, which runs the portal, recently added more storage space for the system and is working on other modernization efforts, Orszag said. Nevertheless, he ordered all of the agencies to make alternative plans in case can’t handle the load by next week…

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