German police say they’ve made great strides toward developing a profile of the gunman in the March 11 school shooting spree that killed 15 people, but one key piece of evidence — a posting in an internet chat room — has turned out to be fake, the German newsmagazine Der Spiegel reports. Just hours after Baden-Württemberg Interior Minister Heribert Rech announced the existence of the web post, Stuttgart prosecutors said that "in the course of the afternoon, doubts arose about the authenticity of the internet chat." Later, a police spokesman said investigators had not, in fact, found any traces that the perpetrator of the shootings had been responsible for the posting. "Some crazy must have put this false message into the world," Rech told a local newspaper late on March 12. Despite the mistake, however, German officials are still taking internet postings seriously. An overnight chat-room posting was found threatening violence at a school in the town of Ilsfeld in southwestern Germany. The school was cordoned off March 13, and officials are searching the premises…

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