Google Inc. is seeking to blur the line between the telephone and the computer even further with the introduction of Google Voice, Reuters reports. The new service weaves traditional phone features with Google’s Gmail eMail product, allowing a person to store transcripts of voice-mail messages in their eMail inbox and to find a specific nugget of information within a phone message as if trawling through a sea of eMails. The move comes as Google increasingly is branching out from its stronghold in internet search, as it seeks to carve out a role in everything from cell phones to personal productivity software. Google Voice is based on the technology of Grand Central Communications, a company that Google acquired in July 2007. Like the original Grand Central product, Google Voice offers consumers a single phone number that can route incoming calls to home, office, and cell phones. The new version uses speech-recognition technology that Google developed for its Goog-411 telephone directory service, automatically transcribing voice mails into text. The transcribed messages can be forwarded as an eMail or text message to a person’s eMail inbox…

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