A 15-year-old has created a free-music service by harnessing YouTube’s vast library of music videos–and that could rankle YouTube owner Google Inc., CNET reports. Muziic, created by teen developer David Nelson, has built an iTunes-like interface on top of YouTube. The service enables users to stream YouTube’s music to their PCs without fiddling with videos. Users can build playlists and organize songs in a way similar to iTunes. But the site has yet to receive the blessing of Google, the large recording companies, or the scores of film and TV rights holders who filmed the many live performances on YouTube. "This is the first we’ve become aware of the site," a YouTube spokesman told CNET on March 7. "We’re looking into it now. On a preliminary review, however, it appears that the site violates our … terms of use." Representatives from Universal and Sony were not immediately available to comment, and EMI declined to comment. Warner Music’s library was removed from YouTube after the two sides failed to renegotiate a new licensing deal…

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