Security experts have long cautioned about the risk to school and corporate networks posed by the use of peer-to-peer file sharing by individuals, warning that the practice creates holes that let malware in and sensitive data out–and now their message might be having an impact in the P2P development community, CNET reports. A trade group representing P2P file sharing providers next week will publish a report that finds P2P software companies are modifying their programs to make it harder for users to inadvertently share sensitive information. For IT administrators, that shift can’t come soon enough. The problem was highlighted by the recent news that avionics blueprints of President Obama’s helicopter had leaked through a peer-to-peer network used by a defense contractor to an IP address in Iran. Ninety-three percent of enterprise P2P disclosures are inadvertent, said Tiversa Brand Director Scott Harrer. The problem is compounded by the fact that employees also tend not to be savvy enough to configure the settings so as to protect files they don’t want to share from being distributed…

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