A Long Island, N.Y., teenager has sued Facebook, some of its users, and those users’ parents in a lawsuit that alleges the teen was traumatized through cyber bullying on the social-networking web site, InformationWeek reports. Denise Finkel, who is now enrolled at the State University of New York at Albany, claims that her former classmates at Oceanside High School created a Facebook chat group to ostracize, ridicule, and disgrace her. She is seeking $3 million in damages. A Facebook spokesman said the lawsuit lacks merit and the site will vigorously fight it. The lawsuit states that four of Finkel’s former classmates created a closed, or password-protected page, where they said she used intravenous drugs, had "inappropriate conduct with animals," and had AIDS, as well as other sexually transmitted diseases. Finkel’s lawyer told Newsday that the student had a very difficult time in high school and that the four classmates made sure she felt unwanted there. It’s unclear what steps Finkel took in attempts to get Facebook to remove the material. The Communications Decency Act protects web site operators from being held liable for statements posted on their sites. Social-networking sites, including Facebook, generally prohibit members from posting obscene material…

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