University of Pennsylvania students registering for fall classes later this month can base their selections on more than just paragraph-long descriptions on Penn InTouch: During advance registration, professors from Penn’s 12 schools will be able to upload syllabi through a centralized repository system, reports the Daily Pennsylvanian. The initiative to put syllabi online was developed by the Student Committee on Undergraduate Education (SCUE) in 2005. It is expected to be ready for students in time for registration for fall 2009 classes. "It really empowers students to make educated decisions about the courses they want to take and encourages them to explore classes they aren’t familiar with," said SCUE chairwoman and college junior Alex Berger. Owing to budget constraints, the university recently deemed the project infeasible until 2010, but high student demand made it a priority on the administration’s agenda, according to Interim Provost Vincent Price. "We were hearing pretty consistently from students that this was something they wanted," he said…

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