Obama nominates net neutrality backer as FCC chief

As expected, President Barack Obama on March 3 nominated Julius Genachowski–a lawyer, techie, and former venture capitalist–to head the Federal Communications Commission, Wired reports. The nomination of Genachowski as chairman was widely anticipated (see "Obama eyes tech-savvy insider for FCC chief") and was quickly applauded by proponents of net neutrality, who hope an Obama FCC will move decisively to limit what telecoms can and cannot do with internet traffic on their networks. Genachowski, a former Harvard law classmate of Obama’s, served as Obama’s top tech campaign advisor and helped shape the campaign’s embrace of having the government create and enforce net-neutrality rules. Genachowski worked twice previously at the FCC, clerked for Supreme Court Justice David Souter, and co-founded a venture capital firm. He also worked for 8 years as an executive for IAC/IAC/InterActiveCorp….

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