Facebook is trying its hand at democracy: The fast-growing online hangout, whose more than 175 million worldwide users could form the world’s sixth-largest country, said Feb. 26 that those users will play a "meaningful role" in deciding the site’s policies and voting on changes, reports the Associated Press. Facebook is trying to recover from last week’s policy-change blunder, which prompted tens of thousands to join online protests. At issue was who controls the information, like photos, posts, and messages, that people share with their friends on the site. On Feb. 26, founder Mark Zuckerberg sought to reassure users that they own their information, not Facebook. And in a broader step, the company also said its users will get a hand in determining the various policies–such as privacy, ownership, and sharing–by reviewing, commenting, and voting on them before they are put in place. If more than 7,000 users comment on any proposed change, it would go to a vote. The result of that vote would be binding to Facebook if more than 30 percent of active users vote…

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