Mount St. Mary’s University will be making some dramatic changes to its student laptop program, reports the Mountain Echo, the campus newspaper. Incoming students will no longer pay the $1,400 for the required Dell laptops to access the campus network, because the school will be discontinuing the program starting in the 2009-10 school year. An eMail announcement sent on Feb. 20 stated that the Dell laptop program, which was created five years ago, will be discontinued. The university’s IT department cited the poor economy and changing student needs as reasons for the change. "For financial concerns, this has allowed us to realign our Information Technology services and put our money to better use for student technology," stated Bobby Flack, chief information officer, via eMail. Incoming freshmen will have the option of bringing their own laptops to school and connecting them to the network. However, their personal laptops will have to meet with some of the system requirements to connect with the network. As for the students who’ve already bought Dell laptops through the university, their warranty is still effective, and the campus help desk will continue to help them with any problems that might occur…

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