Schools in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh have deployed NComputing virtual desktop technology, which distributes the power of a PC across a number of users, NetworkWorld reports. The project, commissioned in November, aimed to bring computer training and e-learning to 5,000 government schools with 1.8 million students. Four months later, the schools each have been equipped with a computer lab with the hardware and software, trained instructors, and a reliable power supply, NComputing said Feb. 23. PCs currently in the market are so powerful that the vast majority of students only use a small fraction of the computer’s capacity, according to the company. Its strategy is to utilize the excess capacity in a PC by sharing it among a number of users. As the client device is not the PC, but a monitor with keyboard and mouse, the economics of delivering computing to users changes dramatically, according to the company. NComputing said it would be using a version of its technology that would be priced at $70 per seat and cost less in electrical consumption. A full deployment, including the shared cost of the computer, monitor, keyboard, and peripherals, would be closer to $200…

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