A new piece of malware making the rounds on Facebook falsely warns users that their friends have had problems viewing their profiles, posing a potential threat to users’ personal information, CNET reports. The rogue application, dubbed "Error Check System," displays an error message in the notifications section that reads "[Friend’s name] has faced some errors when checking your profile View The Errors Message." But the warnings are fake and are a viral attempt to spread the application and recruit more Facebook users, according to Graham Cluley, a senior technology consultant with Sophos. While saying there is no evidence of personal information theft, Cluley noted in a blog posting that using an error message about the recipient’s profile was "sneaky." "This is an important reminder to all Facebook users that they must exercise caution about which third-party applications they install on their profile, and everyone should remember that Facebook does not approve applications before they are made available on their site," Cluley wrote. "You really are putting your trust in complete strangers when you add that next application to your Facebook profile."

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