Through sustainability efforts and technology innovations, Elon University is launching and continuing various endeavors to become paperless, reports the student newspaper, The Pendulum. "Any organization as large as we are moves a lot of paper," said Chris Fulkerson, assistant vice president for technology. "I doubt we’ll ever be paperless, but we’re always looking for ways." Fulkerson and the technology department have advanced several projects, including a print management system in the library and computer labs and changing the admissions process. The university went from spending $10 million to $2.8 million after the implementation of the print management system, and applications to Elon are 90 percent online. "Admissions is one of our biggest cheerleaders for going paperless," Fulkerson said. Prospective students can still print out the PDF application, but Fulkerson predicts the ability to submit paper applications will soon be a thing of the past. The academic catalog used to be given to prospective students by admissions. Now, the catalog will only go to print in limited editions…

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