A hacker recently broke into the University of Florida’s computer system, jeopardizing the personal information of nearly 100,000 people, reports the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. Linda Foley, founder of the Identity Theft Resource Center in San Diego, said it could well be a student who slipped into the Gainesville school’s computer system, which contained personal information, including Social Security numbers, for about 97,200 students, faculty, and staff members who used the system between 1996 and 2009. The school immediately shut down the system when it discovered the cyber break-in last month and shifted all services to a more secure system, officials said. While it’s clear the intruder got in, it’s unknown whether the person rifled through any personal information. School spokeswoman Janine Sikes likened it to a burglar in a house. "We know he went down a hallway," she said. "We don’t know if he opened any doors."??But Sikes said it appears no information was removed. "We have no evidence to believe that any information was taken for fraudulent purposes," she said. Still, the university has set up a web site and hotline for potential victims to see whether any personal data were compromised and has sent out 92,000 warning letters to system users. The school has no contact information for 5,000 remaining potential victims…

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