At the National Governors Association conference in Washington, D.C., on Feb. 22, Microsoft announced a program to teach basic and intermediate computer skills to potentially millions of Americans, BetaNews reports. The three-year-old Elevate America program now will include one million vouchers for Microsoft eLearning courses, as well as for select certification exams. The vouchers will be distributed through state and local governments’ workforce development programs. Microsoft originally planned to launch the initiative in three states–Washington, New York, and Florida–but by the end of the day California, Colorado, Delaware, Minnesota, and Virginia had climbed aboard, too. Microsoft says it expects to reach approximately 2 million citizens with Elevate America over the next three years. Interested parties also can go online and check out a new Microsoft mini-site with information on basic computer skills (such as sending eMail or creating a resume) and resources for picking those skills up. The Elevate America site ( also has information for students, as well as information on various intermediate-level certification programs…

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