In a virtual Quantum classroom, student avatars raise their hands to ask questions about the teacher’s chosen topic and problem. The AI programming simulates students at varying levels of comprehension and knowledge. Clicking or “calling” on these virtual students allows them to ask their question, and in a simulated live classroom environment, teachers can read and hear each student’s question and respond in kind. The system thus allows teachers-in-training to practice how to handle a wide range of questions related to the problem they’ve entered into the system, according to a Quantum press release.

At any time during their training session, teachers can ask a “virtual mentor” questions about key science concepts, specific steps in a problem, or proven teaching techniques that improve student performance and conceptual understanding.

Johnson said he hopes to have Quantum Mentors available for teachers to use in the next few years.

For now, Quantum Tutors is available to high schools and colleges for providing help in math, chemistry, and accounting.


Quantum Mentors

Quantum Tutors for the Accounting Cycle

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