An early version of the world’s largest online collaborative health encyclopedia is now up on the web at, reports the Chicago Tribune. Medpedia aims to become the Wikipedia of health and medicine, but with entries written and edited only by expert, pre-screened professionals. The plan is to create pages for more than 30,000 medical conditions, more than 10,000 medications, thousands of medical procedures, and millions of medical facilities. Contributors will come from medical schools—Harvard, Stanford, and the University of Michigan are apparently all on board—as well as schools of public health and other health-related institutions. “Over the last ten years on the internet, remarkable breakthroughs have taken place in collaborative knowledge sharing and communication that have yet to be provided to the medical community,” said James Currier, Medpedia founder and chairman, in a statement. “You can see the power of these breakthroughs in companies such as Wikipedia and WikiHow which provide collaborative knowledge sharing, LinkedIn which provides a professional network and directory, and Facebook which supports communities of interest. We’ve added to these breakthroughs, adapted them for medicine and health, and are putting them in one free platform.”

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