Studying on your laptop is so 2007: A group of biology students at Houston Community College’s southeast campus just turns on iPhones, reports the Houston Chronicle. "Instead of bringing your book to class, you bring your phone," said Lisa Jackson, one of 15 students enrolled in Anatomy and Physiology II as part of a pilot project to deliver course work on Apple’s trendy smart phones. Lifang Tien, a biology professor, and Roger Boston, who teaches computer science and business technology, received $100,196 from a fund created by HCC Chancellor Mary Spangler to encourage innovation, then used the money to buy phones and pay the monthly bills. Students have to give the phones back at the end of the semester. In return, Tien and Boston are studying whether delivering instruction on a phone that can connect to the internet anytime and anywhere makes a difference in how students learn. Tien’s students like the convenience. Tiffany DeBurr Brewer has studied in her car while her three kids raced noisily around the house. "I can study in my spare time," she said. "I don’t have to lug a laptop around. It makes my life easier." There’s the cool factor, too, giving students one of the hottest gadgets. "Our [students], they are so into this," Tien said…

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