Music service Ruckus once tried to cater to students by offering all the music they could handle while they were enrolled, but now it’s quietly said goodbye, reports DigitalTrends. Ruckus tried to nip fears of file sharing and copyright infringement lawsuits in the bud by offering colleges and universities a way to give their students legitimate access to all the music (and even music video) they could consume at a reasonable cost. The problem, of course, was that once students graduated, they couldn’t take their Ruckus-acquired music with them, leading students to eschew Ruckus and similar services in favor of good old-fashioned file sharing and CD ripping–or even buying music from legitimate sources like iTunes. But, despite throwing open its service to all students with valid .edu addresses in 2007, Ruckus has finally thrown in the towel, quietly (and suddenly) shutting down service over the weekend. According to sources at campuses which offered the Ruckus service, it appears that schools were not notified of the shutdown…

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